Spain – March 2023

In March, 2024, we will offer our first Excursion to Andalusia in southern Spain. We are designing the Excursions to be 2 consecutive weeks with 2 cities each week. This way if you have only one week available to travel, you can select which week works best for you and if you have the time to do both weeks, then you get to see 4 cities. The first Excursion, planned for the first two weeks of March, will see us in Seville and Granada the first week, followed by Malaga and Ronda the second week. The second Excursion will begin in Malaga, then move on to Ronda. The Second week will be Seville and Granada. That will be Easter Week in Andalusia, which means Processions and Holy Week Masses in the grand Cathedrals. It is a sight unlike anything outside of that region in Spain and we will be in the middle of it with our intimate group. We will stay in a beautiful small hotel in the center of Malaga steps from the Cathedral. In Seville our hotel is on a walking street in the city center. Granada will also see us in the city center. And our accommodations in Ronda are a small B&B on the cliffs and city wall overlooking the valley below and mountains beyond.

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